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Jesus Under Glass

part one

In the beginning of time
When all continents were one,
It was the start of life
Evolution had begun.

Our Creator blessed all
And to one he gave choice,
The freedom of knowing
To follow an inner voice.

As humans,
Beings of this Earth,
We now had a purpose
A gift instilled at birth.

To be caregivers
On this planet of life,
To reason and to choose
A knowing between wrong and right.

As some started to be just takers
And so greed began,
And slowly did it spread
It began to separate the land.

Into seven continents
This land did divide,
As our Creator looked on
There was a tear in his eye.

These seven tribes
Did grow vast and wide,
Soon there was chaos
As man needed more land
To conquer and divide.

The other creatures looked at man
And couldn’t understand why,
How could this have happened
The spirit of Earth will die.

How much more
Can this Earth and its beings take,
As we continue to build and destroy
To separate and discriminate.

As our Creator looked on
He heard his children’s cries,
For he knew in his heart
A change must and will arise.

He knew and believed in his children
Compassion was his gift of love,
That hatred and separation would overcome
A child’s love will rise above.

The choice of love
A return to the heart
Creation will be done,
As we are the caregivers
On this continent of life
This beautiful Earth of one.

part two

And then a child was born
Upon this Earth, he did arrive,
To bring back all the continents
To align and unite the tribes.

This child, this gift from our Creator
Was known by seven names,
As the leaders were threatened
Immersed, in their greed and shame.

This child had grown
His teachings of love many would find,
For now there was a meeting
A union of all hearts and minds.

Numerous people from the seven tribes
Began to assemble as one,
As the lands did shift
Aligning and moving, towards one.

The seven leaders were frightened
For they knew they would lose their land,
As they watched this child grow
Into a compassionate, and a forgiving man.

They watched and listened
Their fortune they would lose,
So they conspired to kill this man
They agreed that this they must do.

For they crucified him
This child
This simple man,
And so the people did return
Back to their seven tribes
To their separate lands.

They returned
With a flame
Forever burning in their heart,
For they knew one day
A wind would blow
And a great fire would start.

You see, everyday children are born
Creating a new beginning
A new start,
They are a constant reminder
These children of love
Of the one that came,
To love and heal
To mend all broken hearts.

part three

And so the people returned
Back to their separate tribes,
Within their heart burning
A lonely silent cry.

Each of the seven leaders
Created a book
Of their own spiritual ways,
To control and direct the people
To keep the others
Far, far away.

Many wars were fought
Over whose words were right,
And in the battles of righteousness
The true meaning of love lost sight.

Through the years
The continents drifted further apart,
Yet in the birth of each child
Remained innocence within the heart.

Many people wondered
As they looked into their child’s eyes,
Why are we doing this
These children are paying the price.

What will this Earth be like
If we continue to build and destroy,
For all the words on a paper
We keep resentment
Our anger we employ.

So many people began to feel
The flame that burned within,
They started to trust their own intuition
Allowing this healing to begin.

For they learned that this child
That had grown into a man,
Was teaching the values of love
Where all light began.

And so our Creator smiled
For he knew this change had come,
For hope had been restored on Earth
The birth of love is never undone.

© Textictures

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