Bio - Photography by Cannon Images

Born in Cincinnati Ohio, I owned several salons for many years. I have always been involved with many types of art , from a young age my mom would teach me to paint. I started taking photography as a therapy to help pass time as I went through physical therapy, I had been diagnosed with Parkinson's, epilepsy, a rare disease, Achalasia, a very progressive and destructive of a disease (learn about this at Mayo or Cleveland Clinic), and,  a triple bypass!  It help me to gain ability to be productive again, but also learning to re-learn, as a friend and mentor of an Aveda Distribution/Teaching Center taught me, to crawl, walk and run. I think I'll stroll for a for awhile

I have been awarded in the salon business, 2nd/State 6th Nationally in competitions, and I have taught other salons, invented, and tested products. I also have won awards in writing, art and photography; hence, , it is the experience of learning, being in the presence, what binds all as one, in this world of constant moving images and the interconnections, the intricacies that intrigues me. This is why I take all types of photography.

I am limited on mobility, and had been house bound for the past 15+yrs, during that time I taught myself photography, digital cameras had just came out, so, I bought my first Mac computer and Photoshop, again I had to self teach myself, I feel this is the best way for me to create and learn, though I had some help watching my children.

Since I was not able to  walk, excersise, do normal activities, I just wanted to live. My weight dropped to 140+ pounds, to help, my wife would drive me around and take photographs, it then progressed to her holding me steady, (a human tripod!) It then got to the point of being able to walk small distance. I went a year on a feeding tube to get healthy enough for the Achalasia operation, so I could eat after the open heart, it was a three year period waiting,  , I found my self incapacitated again.

I was again down, yet photography, art kept my mind occupied, and my body moving.  With Achalasia, all or most of your nerve ending die in your esophagus it develops into Barrets and or cancer, 1 in 2000,000 get this disease. mine was at the 4th and last stage, and ready to collapse, the stomach opening was 2mm. It is one of the most painful diseases, and the surgery was as hard on your body as an open heart. Luckily we found the best doctor for it at Cleveland Clinic, no one had done this operation where I lived. I had to be tube fed for a year, to get healthy enough., I then had the Achalasia surgery first. , then about a year latter the open-heart surgery which I found out that my artery was closed that whole time, I was growing new veins around the blockage, during theses times I also found out I had two more diseases, Myoclonic Epilepsy, and Hyponatremia.

Photography and Art, was therapy for me in sorts, it keeps me going and focused on getting better,, so all of the photos have special meanings to me, some I added poetry too. The collection is a diary of my battles/intentions in getting better, and to refocus on beauty more than the constant pain I was in. And I then had grandchildren, oh my,, , my children and wife. Their encouraging me to want live again, and get better, which I am doing, you got to keep moving.. Yet, I need to learn to relax, it will be alright. I love art, so I am curious in how the public will perceive my creations also, time flew, it was 15yrs latter,,. I love showing a wide range of genres, and my mind loves traveling through other artist creations, , I get to see the world through their eyes. Thank you. Timothy N Cannon

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