Bio - Photography by Cannon Images

Born in Cincinnati Ohio, I owned several salons over the many years. I then had several health issues hit me at similar times, and I had to close my salons, one is a rare disease, and I was dying. I have been awarded in the salon business, 2nd/State 5/6th Nationally in competitions, and I have taught other salons, invented, and tested products. I also have won awards in writing, art, and photography; it is the experience of learning, being in the presence, what binds all as one, in this world of constant moving images, sounds and the interconnections, the intricacies that intrigues me. This is why I love all types of art.. It's a fine thread that entwines us all here on with this Earth. Photography and Art is a therapy for me, it keeps me going and focused on getting life, I have several rare disorders, so all of the writings, photos have special meanings to me. The collection is a 15+ year diary of my battles/intentions in healing, and to refocus on the beauty of family and love,, more than the constant pain I am in. In fact, playing the guitar and the vibrations against my stomach, it produces vibrations, eases the pain, it distracts the signals from the brain, many hospitals like Cleveland Clinic where I go, are adding in musical, and art therapy. I love art, so I am curious in how the public will perceive my creations. I love showing a wide range of genres, and my mind loves traveling through other artist eyes, I get to see the world through them,, and I hope you get to see through mine. Some of the poems/lyrics are like coffee, light, medium, and dark.. Thank you, Timothy N Cannon

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