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Broken Reflection III

Broken Reflections

Think of your life as a mirror. Absorbing the images, physical traumas that surround you, becoming a part of you and your reflection. Creating your own genetic makeup.
The many images you absorb, layer upon each, creating your own unique image, your self that you show to others. During these times, you encounter and absorb emotional events, experiences, you can learn from them, and reflect back a positive self. And, sometimes you also absorb these experiences so deeply, and do not reflect on them, you hold them within, tightly, forgetting about your self, your love of life.
One starts to break, and chip off pieces of this mirror, discarding them around, collecting dust, the many years of sediment, layers of guilt, frustration, and resentment. Soon, this mirror is vanished and there is nothing to reflect of you. These discarded memories are broken bits in time. You forget what you look like, purposely hiding these pieces. So very fragile is this mirror that we all are.
Eventually, theses broken shards reemerge back into your being. Reflecting behind the dust, glittering and blinding you, creating emotional stress and disease. Eventually slitting you down to the core, bleeding the light of your soul.
One might call it “Divine Intervention”, hope, a friend; to help you gather the strength and to attach, arrange these pieces, to rebuild this mirror, your light. You must again deal with these broken memories, for they are just as vivid today, as when you discarded them years ago.
I find myself searching for those little slivers of light, pushing the dust aside, to make my-self complete once more. To be able to recognize whom I am, to find confidence again. I believe we are all given second chances, and maybe a little more to play at life again. Whether it is a second chance to live, laugh, say goodbye, I’m sorry, or; I love you. I have chosen to work at piecing the mirror together, dealing with the challenges, and creating a new reflection. I have chosen to learn from these experiences and live that second chance. To find the child within once again, and enjoy the beauty of life.

© Timothy N Cannon ~Cannon Images

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