The Natural World - Photography by Cannon Images
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Questions of Life

The questions of life
Thoughts run through my mind,
Why are we here
Which paths must we find?
We are born into a world
A life of economics and work,
Is this what our creator intended
To live and earn your worth?
We use this Earth
As for our own needs,
Is it better to give back
What is the legacy we leave?
Of all the beings
That share this sacred ground,
All have a purpose
A give and take that goes around.
What is our purpose
As humans living on this Earth,
What do we give back
To this, the soil of our birth?
If you search in your heart
And take a little time,
Your soul will awake
Answers you will find.
We were meant to live
With all creation as one,
Our lives not separate
But together a union.
We have a gift
A choice that makes us unique,
We can provide compassion
A kindness to all in need.
We are the caregivers
On this planet of life,
For we can choose a balance
A knowing between wrong and right.
The questions of life
The answer I have found,
To love and to be loved
A change that is ever so profound.

(C) Timothy N Cannon