The Natural World - Photography by Cannon Images
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The Gathering VI

Into The Light

Into the light I ascend
My being of form remains,
The warmth of the calling I surrender
I hear the whispering of my name.

I feel this love surround me
No fear, nor do I hesitate,
The teachings in my life, I have learned
I have had so much to witness
To appreciate.

From a gentle small child I have learned
The wonder and meaning of life,
Such is the imagination of youth
Innocence is reflected,
Forever shining so delicately bright.

As life does teach
The impressions of reminders repeat,
That our Creator’s love for us
Is forever harmonious and unique.

Within this spirit I find comfort
The essence of this soul, held gently and free,
For no tears are sodden
I am calmed and cradled
Forever and endlessly.

Into the light I ascend
This oneness I witnessed and embrace so spiritually,
For all in life has been forgiven
This newborn child
Within me.

(C) Timothy Cannon