The Natural World - Photography by Cannon Images
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Fading Away

Fading Away

If you were to sum up your life
Right this moment
How you feel, in two, three words,
What would they be?
Esteemed and treasured
Lonely, disillusioned
Blissfully -n- love
Secondhand, old rags
Kind, forgiving

Myself? Drifting, far away…

I just want to end this life
And fade away into the darkness
Never to be heard
My name not mentioned

Its just I have been accustomed to this
And a longing, I feel ready
All things come to an end
So why can’t I,
Just fade away from here
No pain

I know people love me in my life
Yet, inside I can’t feel it sometimes,
Emotions just sit there
Like white on a white wall
Black on black
Nothing stands out
Washed, bleached,
Dark, or musty

Then to be swallowed,
Back into this Earth
The simplicity of the soil,
My body resides

Yet,, my soul, is it set free?

(C) TimothyN Cannon