The Natural World - Photography by Cannon Images
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Blue Haze


In the stillness of time
I feel the heartbeat of this Earth,
Comforting me as a mother
Soothing her child at birth.

She embraces me in the ocean
The warm salty water surrounds,
In the rhythm of the waves
I feel the splendor of life abound.

And in the forest I hear her breathe
In the wonder of all
The wind whispers to me,
She tells me of wisdom
Gentle words of light,
To guide me on a path
To a simpler, spiritual life.

Standing in the mountains
I look in awe for miles,
In the splendor of her being
I take rest for a while.

She wraps me in her arms
My head lies in her breast,
Drifting into a deep sleep
Surely now I feel blessed.

For in this stillness of time
My body and mind is nurtured,
In the beauty of this Earth
Feeling a oneness with nature.

Be still
And know that we are one,
Forever in this time of living
Our love is never undone.

(C) Timothy N Cannon