The Natural World - Photography by Cannon Images
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Crimson Rose Petals

Crimson Rose Petals

…and on crimson rose petals she lies
drifting out, floating,
with the evening tide,
looking up over the starry
glittery sky,
lashes touch her tender cheek
a happy tear resides

and in her velvet dreams
she dances oh so free,
whispering to all the birds,
the stars, and the mighty trees.
and in the silent night,
she lays to rest on the ocean breeze,
blown by a storm, into the heavens,
a star was left for you and me

and tell me of the rain,
when it touches the land and sea,
for I have waited, longed for this moment,
to be quenched once again, by your love,
the stars in your dreamy blue eyes,

…and on crimson rose petals, we both will lie…

(C) TimothyN Cannon