The Natural World - Photography by Cannon Images
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Last night I dreamed of peace
Love through out this land.
No fighting, no hate
One gathering of hands.

Gone were fences
No borders of our self,
A spirit so strong
No loneliness felt.

All shades of skin
Blended into one,
Reflections of harmony
Gentle light of the sun.

An essence of flowers
Drifted through the air,
The soul of a child
Not burdened with cares.

No politics or religions
Just knowing of one,
The creator of this nature
Never finished, never done.

Through our dreams
Will we awaken to find,
The possibilities that exist
Within the power of the heart, and mind.

So dream tonight
Let your thoughts drift away,
Dream of love, life, and hope
For then it will be here, today.

(C) Timothy N Cannon