Man, Buildings and Design - Photography by Cannon Images
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A Poet

Just a Poet

I’m just a poet,
My thoughts, words, ramble through my mind
You just start typing with a phrase
A melody you’ve been stringing in your head.
The vivid scenes you so remember as a child,
Making shapes from clouds into flowers; elephants
Monsters and dragons, they were the favorite.

Some, they start from your heart,
That center being where mystical things happen,
Kind of where your stomach tickles you
Almost deaja’vo, the center that you know there is,
Something higher, which is working with/within you.
It gives you thoughts that are peaceful, questionable, anger, ashamed, emotional, and sensual, playful, loving.

Sometimes, we write things out to understand
To nourish and take care another,
Your self, to be nurtured, nourished
Wanting to be part of a family that you love.
Maybe it doesn’t even matter what you believe or think,
It just happens, intentions to the infinite,
Another dimension, spiritual, or whatever it may be.

Sometimes… We write what is our heart at the moment’
Like, “Live”
“I love you”
“Dream again”

(C) Timothy N Cannon