Man, Buildings and Design - Photography by Cannon Images
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Colors clash
Spiraling, muting
Turning confused
Obscuring my mind
Darkness elapses
The days, weeks,
I tremble
To be touched
By an angel
By an angel,
A raged yarn
Separates the sanity,
Threads dangle
Broken and frayed
One strand remains,
I am waiting
I am waiting,
Sweat loosens
A Delicate clasp
Weight breaks
And into the darkness
I fall,
My will be released
My will released
And the silence penetrates,
Screaming vanishes
My voiceless heart
Fractured in shards
The pieces dissipate,
Only to be caught by you
To be caught by you,
Rearranged, recognizable
Made whole once again
Thank you
My beautiful friend,
My angel
My sweet angel.

(C) Timothy N Cannon

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