Man, Buildings and Design - Photography by Cannon Images
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My Little Hippie

Never Stop Dreaming

Never stop dreaming,
After the end of the rain
You know the sun
Will always shine.
It’s ok to cry
Releasing your tears,
As a gentle rain
Revives a thirst
Beginnings of spring.

A smile
Fills your heart.
So smile today
And always smile,
Know and feel
The tenderness
That resides inside you.
You are made of love
A flower
Of unique beauty,
You are

Whisper to the wind
Your deepest desires
And set them free.
Blown into the clouds
To the heavens
They will be heard.
Your dreams
Will reveal
A brilliant rainbow,
Your innocence,
Your loving eyes.

© Timothy N Cannon ~Cannon Images

hippielittle hippienever stopdreamingpoem© Timothy N CannonCannon ImagesC Timothy N Cannon