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Letter to Home


How I wish to see you again
Before the flame whispered quiet,
It was your love
That breathed life into me,
The warmth surrounds, enters me
Igniting this heart,

So long ago
As I closed my heart,
Like a candle that had dripped
Into the floor, hardened,
Embedded by the repeated footsteps of regret,
Oh how I waited, for your return

Only to feel your spirit in me now
The flame once gone
Now touched gently by your love,
Seeing your lovely face, my fingers on your lips,
As an apparition, appearing through a gentle rain
Your love showers over me, quenching this desire
To be whole, lighted by the essence of passion
Giving sweet fragrance, to the many rooms of my heart
You,, my sweet angel of hope

Like two leaves touching, gently beneath a flower,
Like two butterflies, dancing, drifting into the breeze,
Like two streams flowing, into an ocean,
Like two candles burning, we melt together,
Like two moist lips, your love I breathe,
Your life I tasted,

We become one…

© Timothy N Cannon ~Cannon Images

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