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What Is Love to You

What is love to you?
Is it the morning
The sparkles of the dew,
Or is it a rainbow
The bright colors and hue?
Is it the voices
Of children in play,
Or the smell of the mist
In the morn, between night and day?
Could it be the birth
A cry of a child,
Or the call of the animals
Living in the wild?
The warmth of sunshine
On a quiet sandy beach,
Maybe the tickles of a loved one
On the bottoms of your feet?
The fragrance of a flower
In a spring time bloom,
Or an apple pie cooking
The aroma filling up a room?
Maybe the dolphins swimming
Across the ocean of blue,
Or hearing the fluttering of a butterfly
In the stillness of you,
Is it the smile from a friend
Or a stranger on the road,
Maybe the loud croaking
From an old bumpy toad?
Is it the pounding of raindrops
On a hot tin roof,
Or the smell of grandma’s favorite
Chicken noodle soup?
Is the softness of your cheek
Pressed against mine,
While the hours go by
With no regards to time?
Is it all of this
And maybe some more too,
Is it this love we share
This bonding between me and you?

Is this love to you?

© Textictures

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