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The Window

Through My Window
part one

Through my window
I watch the time go by,
I see the seasons change
Through the tears of my eyes.

I watch the colors transform
Yellow, red, and green
To the death of black and brown,
The clouds are washed in gray
No movement of life
Not even a whisper of a sound.

Air drifts through this window
I feel the coldness present
Solitude and pain arrives,
No longer do I ask
It doesn’t even matter
Who, when, or why.

How I want to smash this window
I want to escape this cold,
Though even now is it too late
Is this body too broken and old?

I want to leave
To run and escape from this place,
I want to feel love and laughter
The warmth of sunlight on my face.

Through my window
I will watch for the sun to rise,
I’ll wait for the colors to return
To once again, to feel alive.

Through My Window
part two

Through my window
I watched the rays of sunlight
Breakup the gray and darkened sky,
A palette of colors
Fused and burst
Pure magic before my eyes.

Reflections of life
Dew drops and frost
Glisten on the ground,
In the stillness of the day
I heard soft and loving sounds.

I watched and listened
As the children ran and played,
Their laughter and giggling
Shined warmth upon my day.

I began to see life
Where there was none before,
By changing the way I perceive
Beauty unlocked and opened her doors.

While I am still motionless
Unable to leave this place,
I still have a window
Where nature, and life bestows her grace.

I silently wept
As the children waved,
They were tears of joyfulness
As these young and treasured ones
Brought light and happiness,
To this lonely day.

Beauty begins where your heart is
And in your heart
The warmth of love,
Through my window today
I saw a whole different world
For our Creator showed me his love.

by: Tim Cannon

In life, there are many people, elderly, lonely, and depressed. May warmth of sunlight shine through their window today.

© Timothy N Cannon ~Cannon Images

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