Man, Buildings and Design - Photography by Cannon Images
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For so long I have lived in silence
I have kept these feelings inside,
Never opening my true self
Never showing the other side.

I have taught myself well
Disguising my emotions and fear,
Living behind a mask of calmness
While underneath laid frustration of tears.

Surviving the only way I knew
Living within these walls,
While outside I could hear the music
Of life’s gentle call.

There is a world of people
Living within their walls,
Staying behind their mask
Dying before their call.

Though these walls provide a comfort
They will suffocate you in the end,
For you never see the light of day
Or hear the laughter of a friend.

You see, we all need each other
And soon our mask will fade away,
As we join in this community of life
The essence of living this day.

So I ask you
Join me, help me, in taking off this mask,
Let us be the true person we seek
Together a family of one, ever last.

(C) Timothy N Cannon

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