Man, Buildings and Design - Photography by Cannon Images
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Everyday this word calls upon me
I try to hide from it
Yet, it seems to find me.
Shivering I accept my role
I hide from the world again
Back inside, into my mind
Away from what life could be
Away from the voices
These voices that torment me.

I hear the voices, yet, are they the ones of help
Or the ones that inflict pain
Sometimes I just clench my ears together so I won't hear either
Have you ever done this?
The noise is broken by the screaming in your head
Nothing can get in then
Yet, inside nothing can get out
I want to get out, I want to see, feel, live, experience life
I want to love
I want to love you.

Because in the end, it is always love that heals you…

© Timothy N Cannon ~Cannon Images

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