Man, Buildings and Design - Photography by Cannon Images
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I don’t know why I am so scared of people
I feel so timid, backwards, and shy
When I am near I sweat, and my chest tightens up
My lip shakes, and my eye twitches.
Is it because I have seen what man has done?
I have experienced much at his hands
The horrors and atrocities he has wagered
On all beings, and this Earth.
Am I afraid of my own feelings
That I may not be able to control?
Or, maybe the thoughts it may bring on
I know I lack self-esteem.

Yet, I have witnessed
Such beauty and compassion
Given without demand for recognition and reward,
I have seen love shared from ones in deep poverty
They are the richest of all of the mighty nations,
I have held a helpless baby in my hands
Dying in their final days, and to smile at me.
So why do I feel this way?
I have much love to share
God allows me to look deep within another’s eyes.
I want to touch, comfort, and console life
I feel this universal spirit calling.

I am here
Yet, I am so afraid.

(C) Timothy N Cannon