Cannon Images ~ Photography by Timothy N Cannon

Photography by Timothy N Cannon (C)

Welcome to Cannon Images! Our web site prints from a high quality lab, "Bay Photo," they along with "SmugMug," will guarantee their work and the customer service is great. The lab is in California, so shipping may be a little higher for some states. I also do printing myself and will use fine art, watercolor papers.

I  have use a new printer from Canon, a twelve  color  print system, we can make arrangements I have developed a method  and produces a museum quality print.

Please keep in mind when you purchase a product, it took many hours, and creativity into each and every photo. So each is unique in it's own way, it's art! If you are having trouble with any selection by a certain size/crop, contact us. A border can always be added to fill a certain frame you may have, or to make a photograph fit a certain dimension.

The selections on SmugMug offered are standard for Bay Photo, I suggest also that you visit their site and see what is available and I can order directly through them too. You are also able to adjust the cropping in the checkout to customize how you would like your photograph.  On the "Buy" button , also you will see some other options too.

If you live in the local Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Indiana area we can arrange to print local and even customize a photograph, or create a personalized design you may think up. I print my own photographs with a Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000, of the newer pro printers, it will print up to 17x22 -24 inch right now, they are amazing printers, also to have your complete control of your designs, color and art. I also found a paper company I am amazed at their stock papers, Red River Paper Company from Texas.

I also use and work with a wonderful local lab, Robin Imaging Services on Central Parkway, they are a little different in their sizes/selections, and both use the same high quality papers, canvases, and inks. Metal , acrylic, wood, floating and canvas wraps and a variety of merchandise that is printed here in the U.S. from both labs. For additional commercial rights usage, or purchasing a file copy, we can arrange terms. Just contact us!

Photography and original writings are copyrighted © by Timothy Neil Cannon

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