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déjà vu ~

Sometimes, it can be just a fleeting thought, a word, or a whole storybook filled with text and pictures inducing your emotions. It is the same as the many other forms of art, music, photography,, even the faintest scent induced by an aroma can create an emotional response.

It is our senses that arouse our emotions,, and our emotions can take you on a voyage from non-fiction to fantasy. Or it might even make you see reality, from a different perspective. As Rod Stewart sang, "Every picture tells a story," the imagery imagined within any form can also provoke emotional responses within you.

Through our photographs and writings, we hope to inspire your imagination, to create your own song of life,, or a thought, an emotional response to a certain time of your life to a soothing dream-escape. You might even say "Hey I know this feeling too," knowing you are never alone in this life. It is a magical moment, inspiring and connecting, through text, thoughts, and words; by the captured elements in pictures

Welcome to Cannon Images! Our web site prints from a high quality lab, "Bay Photo," they along with "SmugMug," will guarantee their work and the customer service is great. The lab is in California, so shipping may be a little higher for some states. Please keep in mind when you purchase a product, it took many hours, and creativity into each and every photo. So each is unique in it's own way, it's art!

If you are having trouble with any selection by a certain size/crop, contact us. A border can always be added to fill a certain frame you may have, or to make a photograph fit a certain dimension. The selections offered are standard for Bay Photo, I suggest also that you visit their site and see what is available and I can order directly through them too.

You are also able to adjust the cropping in the checkout to customize how you would like it!  On the "Buy" button , also you will see some other options too.

If you live in the local Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Indiana area we can arrange to print local and even customize a photograph, or create a personalized design you may think up. I  print my own photographs with a Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000, of the newer pro printers, it will print up to 17x22 -25 inch right now, they are amazing printers, also to have your complete control of your designs and art. 

I also use and work with a wonderful local lab, Robin Imaging Services on Central Parkway, they are a little different in their sizes/selections, and both use the same high quality papers, canvases, and inks.

Metal , acrylic, wood, floating and canvas wraps and a variety of merchandise that is printed here in the U.S. from both labs. For additional commercial rights usage, or purchasing a file copy, we can arrange terms. Just contact us!

All photography and original writings are copyrighted © by Timothy Neil Cannon

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